package json

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Type Members

  1. trait JValueResult extends ScalatraBase

    Responsible for passing a JValue further in the render pipeline.

  2. trait JacksonJsonOutput extends JsonOutput[JValue] with JsonMethods
  3. trait JacksonJsonSupport extends JsonSupport[JValue] with JacksonJsonOutput with JValueResult
  4. trait JacksonJsonValueReaderProperty extends JsonValueReaderProperty[JValue]
  5. trait JsonImplicitConversions extends TypeConverterSupport
  6. trait JsonOutput [T] extends ApiFormats with JsonMethods[T]
  7. case class JsonResult (value: JValue) extends Product with Serializable
  8. trait JsonSupport [T] extends JsonOutput[T]
  9. class JsonValueReader extends ValueReader[JValue, JValue]
  10. trait JsonValueReaderProperty [T] extends AnyRef
  11. trait NativeJsonOutput extends JsonOutput[Document] with JsonMethods
  12. trait NativeJsonSupport extends JsonSupport[Document] with NativeJsonOutput with JValueResult
  13. trait NativeJsonValueReaderProperty extends JsonValueReaderProperty[Document]

Value Members

  1. object JsonConversions
  2. object JsonOutput
  3. object JsonResult extends Serializable
  4. object JsonSupport