Google App Engine

Scalatra doesn’t work on Google App Engine (GAE).

Why not?!

Short answer

Scalatra runs on the Java platform (JRE). GAE doesn’t support the JRE.

Long answer

GAE only supports a non-standard subset of the JRE, requiring that apps be specifically designed for it. Here are a few of the limitations:


It’s really the Servlet 3.0 that is absolutely essential for Scalatra. Once that is implemented, if there is sufficient demand, it may be possible to support GAE without forking the Scalatra codebase.

Pretty please?

Scalatra 2.0.x was based on Servlet 2.5, and may work on GAE with the above caveats. This is unsupported by the Scalatra team, as we believe you will get a better Scalatra experience with the other Platform as a Service options.