Built with Scalatra

Big organizations

The following companies, public-sector organizations, and governments are using Scalatra:

BBC Future Media

The BBC’s Linked Data Team has built a Scalatra REST API for use on the BBC’s dynamic web development platform.


Box (formerly Box.net) is an online file sharing and Cloud content management service for enterprise companies.


ChaCha is using it in multiple internal applications.


ChronoTrack is using Scalatra for their public and private API services. ChronoTrack’s web and mobile applications consume internal and external APIs built with Scalatra.

The Guardian

Scalatra is used in a number of systems that help power The Guardian, for instance the music artist pages.


IGN is an American entertainment website that focuses on video games, films, music and other media. Scalatra is used as part of its back-end services.


Janrain offers software as a service solutions for commercial businesses and websites to connect their sites to the social web.


Learndot uses Scalatra and Jetty to serve a RESTful API and Objectify to help organize routes and services.

LinkedIn Signal

LinkedIn Signal is using it in their backend.

McLaren Applied Technologies

McLaren Applied Technologies, the technology arm of the McLaren Formula 1 and automotive firm, is a heavy user of Scala. They use Scalatra for their timeseries data store.


NetFlix uses Scalatra for internal APIs.


TrademarkNow uses Scalatra for its API systems.

Open source projects


Fink is a Scalatra based CMS.


Newsrdr [source] is a replacement for Google Reader built on Scalatra.


Objectify is a light-weight web framework that helps you structure an application by providing policy management and dependency injection.

Scalatra toys

scalatra-toys adds parameter binding and command validation support to Scalatra 2.0.x.

Skinny Framework

Skinny Framework is built on Scalatra, inspired by Ruby on Rails, and is optimized for sustainable productivity for ordinary Servlet-based app development.


Sygments is syntax highlighting for Scala based on Pygments.