Scalatra 2.4.0 is out

The Scalatra team is pleased to announce the release of Scalatra 2.4.0 with many improvements and bugfixes as listed below.

Scalatra Core

  • Removes the DefaultValue type class
  • #434 Added support for generic content-encoding / decoding by @nrinaudo
  • #436 Renamed GZipSupport to ContentEncodingSupport by @nrinaudo
  • #438 Fix MIME type for .ogv (Ogg Video) by @abhalla-atl
  • #452 Optimize imports by using IntelliJ IDEA by @seratch
  • #453 Some code cleanup on core project by @seratch
  • #456 Add explicit return types to core APIs, other improvements by @seratch
  • #460 ScalatraServlet as a trait instead of an abstract class by @seratch
  • #471 Fix #470 Add an implicit request to the cookies method by @seratch
  • #474 Fix duplicated multiParams when multipart/form-data requests by @seratch
  • #477 Bump Scala minor version (2.11.6, 2.10.5) by @seratch
  • #481 Bump minor version of dependencies by @seratch
  • #483 Fix an XXE Vulnerability related to scala.xml.XML library by @seratch
  • #500 Improve automatic charset detection performance by @takezoe
  • #502 Bump minor version of dependencies by @seratch
  • #514 Improve request/response stability wthin AsyncResult by @lloydmeta
  • #528 Fix #435 Error with FutureSupport and ScalateI18nSupport using templating by @dozed
  • #516 Introduce stable request response macro by @dozed
  • #544 Removed request/response scoping macro from 2.4.x release by @dozed
  • #535 [2.4.x] Fix #531 Params and multiParams are empty for PATCH request by @seratch
  • #545 Bump dependencies and scala minor version by @seratch
  • #557 Bump minor version of some libs toward 2.4.0 releaseby @seratch

Scalatra Cache

  • #455 Scalatra cache by @japhar81
  • #541 Fixes double evaluation of result by @offner
  • #557 Bump minor version of some libs toward 2.4.0 releaseby @seratch

Scalatra Commands

  • (Breaking change) Removes the default value for types, instead a field is now started in an invalid state by @casualjim
  • (Breaking change) field.optional now is an alias for field.withDefaultValue(theDefault) by @casualjim
  • #447 Minor upgrades and deprecation warnings reduction by @seratch
  • #510 Fix deprecated APIs in Scalaz’s ValidationOps by @xuwei-k
  • #557 Bump minor version of some libs toward 2.4.0 releaseby @seratch

Scalatra Json

  • #432 Introduce a JsonResult type by @dozed
  • #440 Take Formats bigDecimal setting into account when parsing. by @dozed
  • #490 Bump json4s version to 3.3.0.RC1 by @seratch
  • #504 Fix #496 Rendering JNull in a servlet by @seratch
  • #512 Fix jackson json initialization issue (NPE) by @dozed

Scalatra Scalate

  • #444 Aligned template directory to new default (integrates with template-comp iler and g8 template). by @dozed
  • #449 Fix Scalatra Test so client can send multiple headers of the same name by @shintasmith
  • #476 Bump Scalate version to avoid NPEs by @lloydmeta

Scalatra Metrics

  • #441 Added basic metrics support by @japhar81
  • #442 Added metrics support for response code filter by @japhar81
  • #505 Upgrade to metrics-scala-3.5.1 by @rossabaker

Scalatra ScalaTest

  • #458 Made the traits extend the new -Like scalatest traits. by @DrDub

Scalatra Atmosphere

  • #492 Bump atmosphere-runtime to 2.2 by @adamretter

Scalatra Swagger

  • #490 Switch scalap to json4s-scalap since json4s 3.3.0 by @seratch

Scalatra Specs2

  • #508 Updated specs2 to 3.6.+ by @etorreborre
  • #557 Bump minor version of some libs toward 2.4.0 releaseby @seratch

Scalatra sbt plugin

  • scalatra-sbt has bumped xsbt-web-plugin version to version 2.x.