Scalatra 2.4.0 will be out soon

The Scalatra team is pleased to announce the release of Scalatra 2.4.0.RC3.

2.4.0 release has many improvements and bugfixes as listed below.

If this version looks fine, we’d like to release 2.4.0 soon. Please try it out within days!

Scalatra Core

  • Removes the DefaultValue type class
  • #434 Added support for generic content-encoding / decoding by @nrinaudo
  • #436 Renamed GZipSupport to ContentEncodingSupport by @nrinaudo
  • #438 Fix MIME type for .ogv (Ogg Video) by @abhalla-atl
  • #452 Optimize imports by using IntelliJ IDEA by @seratch
  • #453 Some code cleanup on core project by @seratch
  • #456 Add explicit return types to core APIs, other improvements by @seratch
  • #460 ScalatraServlet as a trait instead of an abstract class by @seratch
  • #471 Fix #470 Add an implicit request to the cookies method by @seratch
  • #474 Fix duplicated multiParams when multipart/form-data requests by @seratch
  • #477 Bump Scala minor version (2.11.6, 2.10.5) by @seratch
  • #481 Bump minor version of dependencies by @seratch
  • #483 Fix an XXE Vulnerability related to scala.xml.XML library by @seratch
  • #500 Improve automatic charset detection performance by @takezoe
  • #502 Bump minor version of dependencies by @seratch
  • #514 Improve request/response stability wthin AsyncResult by @lloydmeta
  • #528 Fix #435 Error with FutureSupport and ScalateI18nSupport using templating by @dozed
  • #516 Introduce stable request response macro by @dozed
  • #544 Removed request/response scoping macro from 2.4.x release by @dozed
  • #535 [2.4.x] Fix #531 Params and multiParams are empty for PATCH request by @seratch
  • #545 Bump dependencies and scala minor version by @seratch

Scalatra Cache

  • #455 Scalatra cache by @japhar81
  • #541 Fixes double evaluation of result by @offner

Scalatra Commands

  • (Breaking change) Removes the default value for types, instead a field is now started in an invalid state by @casualjim
  • (Breaking change) field.optional now is an alias for field.withDefaultValue(theDefault) by @casualjim
  • #447 Minor upgrades and deprecation warnings reduction by @seratch
  • #510 Fix deprecated APIs in Scalaz’s ValidationOps by @xuwei-k

Scalatra Json

  • #432 Introduce a JsonResult type by @dozed
  • #440 Take Formats bigDecimal setting into account when parsing. by @dozed
  • #490 Bump json4s version to 3.3.0.RC1 by @seratch
  • #504 Fix #496 Rendering JNull in a servlet by @seratch
  • #512 Fix jackson json initialization issue (NPE) by @dozed

Scalatra Scalate

  • #444 Aligned template directory to new default (integrates with template-comp iler and g8 template). by @dozed
  • #449 Fix Scalatra Test so client can send multiple headers of the same name by @shintasmith
  • #476 Bump Scalate version to avoid NPEs by @lloydmeta

Scalatra Metrics

  • #441 Added basic metrics support by @japhar81
  • #442 Added metrics support for response code filter by @japhar81
  • #505 Upgrade to metrics-scala-3.5.1 by @rossabaker

Scalatra ScalaTest

  • #458 Made the traits extend the new -Like scalatest traits. by @DrDub

Scalatra Atmosphere

  • #492 Bump atmosphere-runtime to 2.2 by @adamretter

Scalatra Swagger

  • #490 Switch scalap to json4s-scalap since json4s 3.3.0 by @seratch

Scalatra Specs2

  • #508 Updated specs2 to 3.6.+ by @etorreborre