GitBucket, a large FOSS codebase in Scalatra

Congratulations are in order to the authors of GitBucket, a free software clone of GitHub.

GitBucket uses Scalatra, the Slick database query and access library and the pure-Java JGit implementation of git to provide the most easily-installable open-source GitHub that it’s possible to imagine. Download Apache Tomcat, drop the GitBucket war file into it, and you’ll have your own privately-hosted GitHub clone in about 5 minutes.

The recent GitBucket v1.5 release brings repo forks, pull requests, LDAP authentication, a branch viewer, and bug fixes to the code base.

GitBucket is a great example of a reasonably large FOSS codebase that you can peruse if you’re interested in seeing how things are done for a full-stack Scalatra web application.