Scalatra 2.2.1 released

Scalatra 2.2.1, a bug-fix and maintenance release, is now out. The following changes have been made:


  • An action result with an int body renders the int as body not status
  • Make matched route params available for a broader scope
  • AsyncResult now uses an abstract val to force eager creation of the future
  • Fixes preflight request for CORS (no longer necessary to define an options route)
  • Fix redirecting from within an AsyncResult
  • Fallback to servlet context init parameters when looking up a key


  • Upgrade to atmosphere 1.0.12
  • Route params are now available inside the atmosphere route


  • All validation error messages are now configurable
  • Type class based execution instead of the command handler
  • Fix detecting isRequired


  • Make scentry use implicit request and response
  • Fix a case where the user would be falsely returned as Some(null)


  • Fixes nickname field swagger spec generation
  • Skips rendering swagger api’s without api operations registered
  • Fix command support for swagger with new dsl syntax
  • Reflection now correctly detects scala value types
  • Reflection knows about nested generic types


  • Fixes scalate usage in AsyncResult