Scalatra usage increasing

In preparation for the 2.2.0 final release, Yuvi Masory has been cranking out all kinds of reference material:

This will hopefully make it much easier for people to get started with Scalatra, and to become productive quickly.

In other news, the number of users of the Scalatra framework seems to be increasing steadily.

Joe Crobak, Joe Ennever, and Matthew Rathbone over at FourSquare have open-sourced an internal tool for managing Apache Oozie workflows, and called it Oozie Web.

Meanwhile, Ɓukasz Lenart from has released a project called the SoftwareMill Bootstrap, to provide a quick way of getting Scalatra + AngularJS projects up and running quickly.

Lastly, Jesper Hammarback has just release PaintFeud, a realtime iPhone game built using Titanium, uses Scalatra as a back-end, and involves CQRS, eventsourcing, Actors, and MongoDB.