New databindings guide

As we work towards the Scalatra 2.2.0 release, we’ve been hard at work documenting the many aspects of the framework included in the release. This week saw publication of a long Swagger tutorial on InfoQ.

We’ve also published a pre-release Scalatra Guide on the new databinder commands in 2.2. If you want to try it out, make sure you do:

g8 scalatra/scalatra-sbt.g8 --branch develop

and append -SNAPSHOT to all the dependencies in the Guide, as it’s written for 2.2.0 final.

Next up is a guide to Scalatra’s Atmosphere support. We also plan to fill in certain other under-documented aspects of Scalatra, notably the lamentably skimpy documentation on data model integrations, before the 2.2 final release.

Several bugs have been fixed since 2.2.0-RC1, and a 2.2.0-RC2 is in preparation.