package scalatra

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Type Members

  1. type Action = () ⇒ Any

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  2. case class ActionResult(status: ResponseStatus, body: Any, headers: Map[String, String]) extends Product with Serializable

  3. trait ApiFormats extends ScalatraBase

    Adds support for mapping and inferring formats to content types.

  4. final class BooleanBlockRouteMatcher extends RouteMatcher

    A route matcher on a boolean condition.

  5. type ContentTypeInferrer = PartialFunction[Any, String]

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  6. trait Control extends AnyRef

    A collection of methods that affect the control flow of routes.

  7. case class Cookie(name: String, value: String, cookieOptions: CookieOptions) extends Product with Serializable

  8. case class CookieOptions(domain: String, path: String, maxAge: Int, secure: Boolean, comment: String, httpOnly: Boolean, version: Int, encoding: String) extends Product with Serializable

  9. trait CookieSupport extends Handler with Initializable

  10. trait CoreDsl extends Handler with Control

    The core Scalatra DSL.

  11. trait CorsSupport extends Handler with Initializable

  12. trait CsrfTokenSupport extends AnyRef

    Provides cross-site request forgery protection.

  13. trait DynamicScope extends AnyRef

    The Scalatra DSL requires a dynamically scoped request and response.

  14. type ErrorHandler = PartialFunction[Throwable, Any]

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  15. case class ExtensionMethod(name: String) extends HttpMethod with Product with Serializable

  16. class FlashMap extends MutableMapWithIndifferentAccess[Any] with Serializable

    A FlashMap is the data structure used by FlashMapSupport to allow passing temporary values between sequential actions.

  17. trait FlashMapSupport extends Handler

    Allows an action to set key-value pairs in a transient state that is accessible only to the next action and is expired immediately after that.

  18. trait Handler extends ServletApiImplicits

    A Handler is the Scalatra abstraction for an object that operates on a request/response pair.

  19. sealed trait HttpMethod extends AnyRef

  20. abstract class HttpVersion extends Ordered[HttpVersion]

  21. trait Initializable extends AnyRef

    Trait representing an object that can't be fully initialized by its constructor.

  22. trait LifeCycle extends ServletApiImplicits

  23. case class MatchedRoute(action: () ⇒ Any, multiParams: MultiParams) extends Product with Serializable

    An action and the multi-map of route parameters to invoke it with.

  24. trait MethodOverride extends Handler

    Mixin for clients that only support a limited set of HTTP verbs.

  25. type MultiParams = MultiMap

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  26. case class PathPattern(regex: Regex, captureGroupNames: List[String]) extends Product with Serializable

    A path pattern optionally matches a request path and extracts path parameters.

  27. trait PathPatternParser extends AnyRef

    Parses a string into a path pattern for routing.

  28. final class PathPatternRouteMatcher extends RouteMatcher

  29. class RailsPathPatternParser extends RegexPathPatternParser

    Path pattern parser based on Rack::Mount::Strexp, which is used by Rails.

  30. final class RailsRouteMatcher extends RouteMatcher with ReversibleRouteMatcher

    An implementation of Rails' path pattern syntax

  31. trait RegexPathPatternParser extends PathPatternParser with RegexParsers

  32. final class RegexRouteMatcher extends RouteMatcher

    A route matcher for regular expressions.

  33. type RenderPipeline = PartialFunction[Any, Any]

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  34. case class ResponseStatus(code: Int, message: String) extends Ordered[ResponseStatus] with Product with Serializable

  35. trait ReversibleRouteMatcher extends AnyRef

    A route matcher from which a URI can be generated from route parameters.

  36. case class Route(routeMatchers: Seq[RouteMatcher], action: () ⇒ Any, contextPath: () ⇒ String, metadata: Map[Symbol, Any]) extends Product with Serializable

    A route is a set of matchers and an action.

  37. trait RouteMatcher extends (Route) ⇒ Route

    A route matcher is evaluated in the context it was created and returns a a (possibly empty) multi-map of parameters if the route is deemed to match.

  38. class RouteRegistry extends AnyRef

  39. type RouteTransformer = (Route) ⇒ Route

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  40. trait ScalatraBase extends CoreDsl with DynamicScope with Initializable

    The base implementation of the Scalatra DSL.

  41. class ScalatraException extends Exception

  42. trait ScalatraFilter extends Filter with ServletBase

    An implementation of the Scalatra DSL in a filter.

  43. abstract class ScalatraServlet extends HttpServlet with ServletBase with Initializable

    An implementation of the Scalatra DSL in a servlet.

  44. sealed trait Scheme extends AnyRef

  45. trait SessionSupport extends ServletApiImplicits

    This trait provides session support for stateful applications.

  46. class SinatraPathPatternParser extends RegexPathPatternParser

    A Sinatra-compatible route path pattern parser.

  47. final class SinatraRouteMatcher extends RouteMatcher with ReversibleRouteMatcher

    An implementation of Sinatra's path pattern syntax.

  48. trait SslRequirement extends Handler

    Redirects unsecured requests to the corresponding secure URL.

  49. final class StatusCodeRouteMatcher extends RouteMatcher

  50. class SweetCookies extends ServletApiImplicits

  51. trait UrlGeneratorSupport extends AnyRef

    Adds support for generating URIs from routes and their params.

  52. trait XsrfTokenSupport extends AnyRef

  53. type CSRFTokenSupport = CsrfTokenSupport

    Definition Classes

    (Since version 2.0.0) Use CsrfTokenSupport

  54. trait GetResponseStatusSupport extends AnyRef


    (Since version 2.1.0) No longer necessary after upgrade to Servlet 3.0

  55. type ScalatraKernel = ServletBase

    Definition Classes

    (Since version 2.1.0) Use org.scalatra.servlet.ServletBase if you depend on the Servlet API, or org.scalatra.ScalatraBase if you don't.

  56. trait UrlSupport extends AnyRef

    Provides utility methods for the creation of URL strings.

Value Members

  1. object Accepted extends AnyRef

  2. object AlreadyReported extends AnyRef

  3. object ApiFormats extends AnyRef

  4. object BadGateway extends AnyRef

  5. object BadRequest extends AnyRef

  6. object Conflict extends AnyRef

  7. object Connect extends HttpMethod with Product with Serializable

  8. object Cookie extends Serializable

  9. object CookieSupport extends AnyRef

  10. object CorsSupport extends AnyRef

  11. object Created extends AnyRef

  12. object CsrfTokenSupport extends AnyRef

  13. object Delete extends HttpMethod with Product with Serializable

  14. val EnvironmentKey: String

    Definition Classes
  15. object ExpectationFailed extends AnyRef

  16. object FailedDependency extends AnyRef

  17. object FlashMapSupport extends AnyRef

  18. object Forbidden extends AnyRef

  19. object Found extends AnyRef

  20. object GatewayTimeout extends AnyRef

  21. object GenerateId extends AnyRef

  22. object Get extends HttpMethod with Product with Serializable

  23. object Gone extends AnyRef

  24. object HTTPVersionNotSupported extends AnyRef

  25. object Head extends HttpMethod with Product with Serializable

  26. object Http extends Scheme with Product with Serializable

  27. object Http10 extends HttpVersion

  28. object Http11 extends HttpVersion

  29. object HttpMethod extends AnyRef

  30. object Https extends Scheme with Product with Serializable

  31. object IMUsed extends AnyRef

  32. object InsufficientStorage extends AnyRef

  33. object InternalServerError extends AnyRef

  34. object LengthRequired extends AnyRef

  35. object Locked extends AnyRef

  36. object LoopDetected extends AnyRef

  37. object MethodNotAllowed extends AnyRef

  38. object MethodOverride extends AnyRef

  39. object MovedPermanently extends AnyRef

  40. val MultiParamsKey: String

    Definition Classes
  41. object MultiStatus extends AnyRef

  42. object MultipleChoices extends AnyRef

  43. object NetworkAuthenticationRequired extends AnyRef

  44. object NoContent extends AnyRef

  45. object NonAuthoritativeInformation extends AnyRef

  46. object NotAcceptable extends AnyRef

  47. object NotExtended extends AnyRef

  48. object NotFound extends AnyRef

  49. object NotImplemented extends AnyRef

  50. object NotModified extends AnyRef

  51. object Ok extends AnyRef

  52. object Options extends HttpMethod with Product with Serializable

  53. object PartialContent extends AnyRef

  54. object Patch extends HttpMethod with Product with Serializable

  55. object PathPatternParser extends AnyRef

  56. object PaymentRequired extends AnyRef

  57. object PermanentRedirect extends AnyRef

  58. object Post extends HttpMethod with Product with Serializable

  59. object PreconditionFailed extends AnyRef

  60. object PreconditionRequired extends AnyRef

  61. object ProxyAuthenticationRequired extends AnyRef

  62. object Put extends HttpMethod with Product with Serializable

  63. object RailsPathPatternParser extends AnyRef

  64. object RequestEntityTooLarge extends AnyRef

  65. object RequestHeaderFieldsTooLarge extends AnyRef

  66. object RequestTimeout extends AnyRef

  67. object RequestURITooLong extends AnyRef

  68. object RequestedRangeNotSatisfiable extends AnyRef

  69. object ResetContent extends AnyRef

  70. object ResponseStatus extends Serializable

  71. object Route extends Serializable

  72. object ScalatraBase extends AnyRef

  73. object ScalatraKernel extends AnyRef

  74. object SeeOther extends AnyRef

  75. object ServiceUnavailable extends AnyRef

  76. object SinatraPathPatternParser extends AnyRef

  77. object TemporaryRedirect extends AnyRef

  78. object TooManyRequests extends AnyRef

  79. object Trace extends HttpMethod with Product with Serializable

  80. object Unauthorized extends AnyRef

  81. object UnprocessableEntity extends AnyRef

  82. object UnsupportedMediaType extends AnyRef

  83. object UpgradeRequired extends AnyRef

  84. object UriDecoder extends AnyRef

  85. object UrlGenerator extends UrlGeneratorSupport

  86. object UseProxy extends AnyRef

  87. object VariantAlsoNegotiates extends AnyRef

  88. object XsrfTokenSupport extends AnyRef

  89. package akka

  90. package antixml

  91. package auth

  92. package docs

  93. package fileupload

  94. def halt(result: ActionResult): Nothing

    Definition Classes
  95. def halt[T](status: Integer, body: T, headers: Map[String, String], reason: String)(implicit arg0: Manifest[T]): Nothing

    Immediately halts processing of a request.

    Immediately halts processing of a request. Can be called from either a before filter or a route.


    the status to set on the response, or null to leave the status unchanged.


    a result to render through the render pipeline as the body


    headers to add to the response


    the HTTP status reason to set, or null to leave unchanged.

    Definition Classes
  96. package i18n

  97. package jerkson

  98. package jetty

  99. package liftjson

  100. def pass(): Nothing

    Immediately exits from the current route.

    Immediately exits from the current route.

    Definition Classes
  101. package scalate

  102. package servlet

  103. package slf4j

  104. package swagger

  105. package test

  106. package util